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Bill Golodner is a highly decorated law enforcement officer formerly with the New York City Police Department. Mr. Golodner's career spanned over 20 years, with much of his tenure in the rank of Detective-Investigator. Inclusive of an honored career he was personally assigned to the Deputy Commissioner of Legal Matters (D.C.L.M.), the prestigious Fugitive Task Force, in which Mr. Golodner was involved in the arrest of over 1500 felons and various assignments within the Detective Bureau.

As a New York City Detective, Mr. Golodner was personally involved in various high profile cases, including the robbery and abduction of an Assistant United States Attorney, the homicide investigation of Gianni Versace, the world-renowned fashion designer, and many missing persons investigations.

Directly involved in the investigation of the September 11th World Trade Center disaster, Mr. Golodner was responsible for uncovering evidence that identified many of the victims and the subsequent notifications to the families. For a year following "911" Mr. Golodner worked closely with Federal and New York State agencies investigating and tracking potential terrorists.

Golodner Investigations, since its inception has provided personal protection to dignitaries of the Annual Persian Day parade, security and personal protection has also been provided to United States Senator Orin Hatch and Congressional Representative Charles Rangel as well as other high profile individuals both in the public and private sectors.

Mr. Golodner's background includes specialized training by the New York City Police Department in Auto Crime investigations, Sex Crimes, Homicide investigation, Weapons and Tactics training, Crime Prevention, Medical-Legal investigation, Narcotics interdiction and investigation, crime scene investigation and handling of evidentiary material.

Mr. Golodner is recognized as an expert in security and crisis management and has testified in many trials both in New York State and Federal Courts.

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