GOLODNER INVESTIGATIONS Background Report provides you with the vital information needed to make an informed decision when hiring new personnel or considering a new business relationship.

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Background Checks
Based on your needs, the scope of our work regarding an individual's background investigation may include:

Full Legal Name
Prior Names
Social Security Number
Date of Birth
Current Address
Past Addresses
Vehicle/License Plate
Driving History
Litigation History
Criminal History
Sex Offender Check
Tax Liens

Other Business Entities

News Check
Insurance Claims
Marital Check
Divorce Check
Internet Check
Death Index Check
Professional Licenses
Former/Current Neighbors
Former/Current Spouses
Former/Current Landlords
Former/Current Employers
Educational Verification

Due diligence investigations are imperative when one business considers a financial association with another. Due diligence checks can confirm the accuracy and truthfulness of information provided. This precautionary step may help prevent problems from arising after a new relationship has been established. A background investigation of a business may include many of the same components of an individual background check, as well as:

Securities and Exchange Commission filings
Secretary or Department of State filings
Partnership and Corporation information
Uniformed Commercial Code filings (UCC's)
Company principles
Better Business Bureau checks

As a Full Service investigative firm, we have the inimitable ability, under State law, to go beyond the standard database searches. Since our staff is comprised of former law enforcement investigators, we have the skill to conduct an intensive investigation of an individual or business entity and to follow up on information that arises. GOLODNER INVESTIGATIONS' thorough background investigation will minimize your risk and guarantee that your decision is based on the most accurate and current information.





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