Now more than ever a Crisis Management and Disaster Recovery Plan is crucial to your business.

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Security Consulting

Given the instability of the current global climate, it is vital that companies make security and protection the peak priority for both the organization and all top-level personnel.

Analysis of Security Procedures

Emergency Procedures and Contingency Plans
Biochemical Precautions and Procedures
Explosive Device Training and Procedures
Site Surveys and Building Protection
Hardening the Potential Target
Entrance and Exit Procedures
Anti-Terrorism Preparations and Precautions
Threat Assessment
Eavesdropping & Surveillance Equipment Detection
Surveillance & Security Systems (Commercial & Residential)

Protection and Evaluation

Background Employment Checks
Identity Theft Protection
Intellectual Property Protection
Quality Control Evaluations
Staff / Employee IntegrityTests

Client-based Businesses
Commercial Establishments
Cleaning / Construction
Restaurants, Hotels
Investigations (Criminal / Civil)
Internet Surveillance
Lectures, Training and Seminars
Corporations, Large & Small
Government Agencies
Special Interest Groups

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Security Consulting

Background Checks


Executive Protection

Crisis Management

Event Security